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To all PNPACAT 2017 APPLICANTS/EXAMINEES in GENERAL SANTOS CITY,be informed that your Testing Center is now officially transferred from Notre Dame of Dadiangas University, Marist Avenue, General Santos City to MINDANAO STATE UNIVERSITY,HIGH SCHOOL DEPARTMENT, DOWNTOWN CAMPUS, GENERAL SANTOS CITY.You may visit/check the said new testing center on October 28,2017 (Saturday) before the examination on October 29,2017 (Sunday) to personally address to our PNPA cadets and personnel your queries and other concerns about PNPACAT.

Tactical Police EquipmentTactical Police Equipment

Published is the OFFICIAL and FINAL List of QUALIFIED APPLICANTS for PNPACAT 2017.

Things to bring on October 29, 2017 at 7:00 AM for PNPACAT2017:

  1. Notice of Examination (only for applicants who received notices thru their email ads).But for those applicants who are included in the list of qualified examinees but did not receive the Notice of Examination (NOE) through their email ads shall still be allowed to take the examination. Applicants without NOE (included in the list) may get their notices at their designated Testing Centers on October 28, 2017 (Saturday) or on the day of examination on October 29, 2017 (Sunday);
  2. One black ballpen (not sign pen);
  3. Lead Pencil (No. 2) with eraser;
  4. One Valid ID Card: (School ID, Driver's License, Voter's ID, Philhealth ID, NBI Clearance, Postal ID, etc);
  5. Two  pieces of 1"x1" and 2"x2"  pictures w/ name tag and with white background.

NOTE: Applicants should wear proper attire during the examination.Shirts with collar (any color) and maong pants/slacks for male and female applicants. Female applicants may opt to wear skirts (not too skimpy) or dress.Strictly no sandos,no shorts,no slippers/flip flops or sandals.                                                                          


PLEASE DO NOT USE BALLPEN IN SHADING YOUR ANSWER SHEET FOR IT WILL NOT BE READ BY OUR COMPUTER GENERATED SCANNING MACHINE AND YOUR EXAMINATION SHALL BE CONSIDERED AS FAILED/DISQUALIFIED. Applicants should only use ballpen in affixing their signatures inside the rectangular box on the bottom part at the back page of the answer sheet.

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Tactical Police EquipmentTactical Police Equipment

 "The Official Facebook group of the Philippine National Police Academy" is the official social media site of the PNPA for publication of announcements and updates about PNPACAT 2017 and as an alternative site of the Academy for information dissemination to the public.Examinees nationwide for the upcoming PNPACAT 2017 may also check the Partial and/or Official list of qualified examinees in the said official PNPA facebook group.All applicants/examinees are advised to join the said FB group to receive immediate response to queries about PNPA. Please contact us for more details thru the following mobile phone numbers: (0917)1585519 / (0919)6486411

Please COPY and OPEN the URL below: 


Tactical Police EquipmentTactical Police Equipment





Tactical Police EquipmentTactical Police Equipment

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