Last Updated on 22 March 2013

What are the frequently asked questions by applicants who successfully passed the Neuro Psychological Examination during the 3rd Phase of Screening:

1. Is there any room or billet to be provided by academy for us to stay for almost three days while undergoing series of tests and medical exams?

Answer: None. Applicants are advised to look for a place to stay near to the area of medical and dental processing.

2. Will the academy provide food and snacks during the processing?

Answer: Applicants should alot enough budget for their snacks, meals and other provisions.

3. Are the medical exams and other tests free of charge?

Answer: All the medical/physical and dental examinations are free except for applicants who are directed/recommended by the medical team to comply with other medical and dental requirements such as Re- ECG , Tooth extractions;Toothfilling/pasta; Dental Prophylaxis (Dental Cleaning), Impacted Tooth Surgical Operation etc which are not part of the PNPA Medical /Dental /Physical examinations.

4. Is there an assurance that applicant is already included in the final list of PNPA Class 2017 if he/she was able to undergo all the series of examination and reach the final interview?

Answer: No. Results of the series of medical/dental exams, physical fitness test and final interview should be finalized and consolidated first before the committee will deliberate for the results to come up with the final lists of PNPA Class 2017. THE RESULT OF THE COMPLETE BACKGROUND INVESTIGATION OF APPLICANTS SHALL ALSO THE BE THE BASIS OF THE FINAL SELECTION. ( to disqualify applicants with parental obligations, falsified documentary requirements,or with derogatory records etc).

5. If the applicant fails in any of those exams/test or screening, will he/she be considered in the deliberation? 

Answer: Yes, but the possibility to be admitted as a cadet is very least. Early declaration of disqualifications are also given to those applicants who have heart ailment and other serious health problems which restrict them to undergo PHysical Fitness Test (PFT).

6.What are the other reasons for not making it to the final list:

a) Failure to comply with the dental/medical requirements within the prescribed period after the third phase of screening (usually a week before the deliberation);

b) Sample specimens i.e. urine, stool , blood samples,etc are not properly marked by applicants and unable to submit thesame to the concerned medical team or the submitted samples are already spoiled/ not sufficient to gather results;

c) Failure to submit to the office of the Registrar documentary requirements within the given period;

d) Applicants fall below the quota.He/she is also qualified;however, his/her ranking did not reachthe cut off score/ranking of the final list of Class 2017.

e) The deliberating committee has found discrepancy on the submitted application forms, documentary requirements, or other grounds for disqualifications during the deliberatio

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